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      Hi, my name is Nicolas.  I am ten years old.   I was born on March 29, 1992.  Something bad happened though on September 6, 2002 and I died.   So I guess that now, I am forever young. 

      I had a lot of friends and a whole bunch of people who truly loved me.  I had a dad who was the whole world to me.  I loved to play baseball, basketball and ride my bike.  I guess that I loved video games most of all.  Game Boy and Play Station were the best!  And when I went to an arcade it wasn’t easy to get me out of  there.  I had a good time collecting coins and was planning to start investing in stocks.  I had these really cool roller skates.  Their wheels retracted into the soles and then they became a regular pair of sneakers!  I loved 4H Club and even had some pets.  I really couldn’t wait to start to shave.  I kept checking to see if I had whiskers every day.  My best friends were Kris, Robbie and Fletcher.  We always had tons of fun together.  They are the coolest people on earth! 

       The most important thing of all though, is that I was a Christian.  That’s right, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I can thank my dad for that.  Nobody can get to Heaven without Jesus.  Considering that I left this life early, I am truly glad that my dad took the time to share the same love of Jesus with me, that he had come to know in his own life.

       I know that a lot of people were really hurt by my death.  I wish they could all see me now.  I am in Heaven, with Jesus, training to rule for eternity with Him!  My life on earth may have been short, but it was pretty cool and filled with a lot of love.  All in all, I had a good life. 

      This web site is here to share a little bit of my world with you.  I hope that you enjoy visiting it, even half as much as I enjoyed living it.

God Bless,